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Jason Caluori & Barry Plaskow's Groove Traffic Training Is Awsome!

Hey there! I'm Irina and I have something truly amazing to share with you...
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SAS Affiliate Review

There are actually several amazing things that I would like to share with you today, the first one is this:
Did you notice how fast this page loaded? I hope you did, but just in case you didn't then please try it again, just for fun...Stopwatch in hand, 3..2..1 Go!
click here to reload
.. How amazingly fast was that? Almost within the blink of an eye! Pretty Awesome Hey?

Ok, so the page loads fast, what's the big deal?
Google loves pages that load fast, in fact they will penalize your rankings if your page does not load fast, and another fact, Google very much prefers that your web page is Mobile optimized and now pretty much demands it, so again  they will penalize your rankings for this too, If you do as Google wants then they will reward you by ranking you higher than the old dinosaur sites, simple as that!
I think we all know by now that if we fail to rank on the first page of Google then it is game over for any offer or product that we might be promoting.

So guess what? The reason that this page loads at lightening fast speed is because of a Digital Revolution that's taking place right now, and access to that revolution is being Given to you by Groove Digital, yes! Given to you! For FREE, for Life, no catch, no risk, no credit card required, not ever!
A free page builder is truly a most valuable Gift, but not just any page builder, but the best page builder!

The Fastest Page Builder on the planet for FREE, for life! GroovePages LITE, fully functional, SEO optimized, built for Mobile, with free lifetime hosting included, this Gift will allow you to create 3 sites with unlimited pages and if that was not enough of a gift for you, they are also giving away their incredible sales platform GrooveSell, again, fully functional. You can make money from it too!
You get free automatic enrollment to one of the hottest affiliate programs around, Groove Affiliate, with 20% commission on direct sales and 5% commission on referral sales, but if should take one of their purchase options, then they will increase your commissions to a whopping 40% on direct sales and 10% on referral sales, well worth promoting, wouldn't you say?

So if you skipped past that very important link above I urge you to grab it now while you still can, it won't be free for much longer!
Here's that link againPLEASE GRAB YOUR FREE GROOVE ACCOUNT HERE  That was amazing share number two by the way!

Sorry if that all sounded like a hard sell but this is an opportunity that you really cannot afford to miss, and you will definitely need GroovePages LITE if you intend to follow this traffic training course, it is not only an integral part of the training but an invaluable tool to have too!

Jason Caluori & Barry Plaskow's GroovePages Traffic Training, SAS Affiliate Review

What is SAS Affiliate? SAS Affiliate is a traffic training course that will show you how to exploit the incredible built in SEO power of GroovePages by enhancing it with additional SEO stratagies that google just loves. When SAS Affiliate and Groove Pages are used in combination, the result is an explosion of Free traffic that increases your rankings to the max, whilst empowering you to drive highly targeted buyer traffic straight to your offers, just at the moment when the buyers are about to buy!
And all of this is presented in an easy to follow, "guided by the hand", way!

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Now I was quite skeptical when I joined SAS Affiliate two weeks ago, I thought it was simply going to be another one of those standard recorded video courses that you follow along to, over the shoulder style, where if you didn't quite catch that "Golden Nugget" that the so called Guru was sharing with you on that video at super high speed then...well, you wasted your money didn't you...usually devoid of any real support, unless you opt to pay out a huge some of money for a private consultation, you know the ones I mean, they can cost you thousands.

SAS Affiliate is not one of those training courses, first off, it is extremely good value for money at only $397 and secondly it is the brain child of Barry Plaskow, famed Entrepreneur, Guerrilla Marketer and creator of some of the most innovative solutions for online marketers on the web and taught by Jason Calouri, conversion rate optimization expert and underground marketing genius, famed for his page ranking strategies and the vast revenue he generates!

Well the first thing that most people ask is: Does SAS Affiliate work for beginners? And my answer is a resounding, Yes, I am proof of that!
Hand on my heart, this training flat out works, even for beginners, a few weeks ago I was struggling to set up an Instagram account, no lie, even after trying various other courses (that I failed at, miserably by the way), I still didn't have a clue what I was doing, there always seemed to be something missing.

Now here I am just 2 weeks into the training, having created my own site in GroovePages, all fully SEO optimized ready to hit page One of Google and drive targeted traffic towards You, Yes you! The fact that you are reading this right now proves that it works!
I can assure you that following this training course has resulted in one giant leap forward for me!
Truthfully though, I cannot take full credit for this alone, if it was not for Jason Caluori's hand holding training style, with his easy to follow, clearly explained, nothing hidden, no holds barred approach, including full disclosure of the methods he uses himself, (to incredible success, I might add)...then I would not be sharing this with you now!

So a huge shout out to you Jason Caluori, Thank you! You give so much more than you need to and so willingly, You are a True Star...and I know that you will read this...and I thank you for that too!

I honestly believe that there is no other course like this out there (not that I'm aware of anyway). The course is designed to get you fully trained over a period of four weeks, enabling you to drive targeted traffic to anyone or anything that you wish, be that affiliate offers, your own products or drop shipping from e-commerce stores.
Sure Jason Caluori provides recorded training videos just like other courses do, but the similarity ends there, his unhurried teaching style, attention to detail and his tone of voice makes it so easy to absorb the material presented, especially for someone like me who's first language is not English.

How do I know that Jason Caluori will take the time to read this Review?
Because unlike the norm, Jason Caluori watches out for you, he genuinely wants you to succeed, Barry Plaskow too, he supports you with his infectious enthusiasm and encouragement, frequently witnessed during the live training webinars, Barry insists that Jason will stop at the end of a subject in order to summarize the content and will not move forward with the training until everyone on the call acknowledges that they have fully understood the subject at hand.

Hosted by Barry Plaskow with tuition by Jason Caluori, the four weekly live training calls included in the course, give you the opportunity to ask questions directly to your mentor Jason Caluori and Jason will answer every single one of those questions before he closes the call.
All the live training events are recorded and added to your members area the following day, so that you may review the additional training content at your leisure

In case you were wondering what the SAS in SAS Affiliate stands for, well Barry likens it to the British SAS Special Forces mantra, that "No One Gets Left Behind" and as Barry also likes to remind all SAS Affiliate members, "We Are All Doing This Together" and those two phrases of Barry's, I can assure you, are said most sincerely, you will also find during this course that Barry is keen to over deliver, as he adds extra training sessions to ensure full understanding of additional content when needed or add a new training webinar for VIP guests who have much to share, no self promotion, just valuable insights into their field of expertise.

So my take on the acronym SAS might be Simple And Successful, because it is simple to follow and the result is success, or perhaps Super Affiliate Synergy, because the SAS Affiliate training and GroovePages combined can enable you to become a Super Affiliate, who knows?
But I am sure about one thing and that is this, the training is of undeniably superior quality and highly recommended!

A look inside SAS Affiliate

Once you log into your account you are presented with a very professionally designed members area, all course information is readily available and easy to access.
You will find a fully comprehensive Course Curriculum as listed below, you can also see a description narrated by Jason in the first video further down this page.
Each main subject contains sub categories, the contents of which further enforce the detailed training, whether that be copy and paste key word lists or links to other vital documentation, all is covered in great depth, every single aspect required to succeed in driving traffic is provided for you!
If like me you are nervous about showing your face on video or making voice recordings, there is no need to be concerned as a solution for that is given too.

Even GroovePage templates to make the process as easy as possible are provided, these have been created by Jason and are a great asset to those who might otherwise be intimidated at the prospect of learning an innovate new page building platform, nothing is left to chance, all of Jason's techniques are revealed, plus bonus videos from experts in their particular fields, all famous, successful and well respected in the online marketing community, some of the training has never been shared before, so you get access to exclusive material for being a member, all in all, a very valuable resource indeed!
In the important Information and links page, you will also find an invitation to join Jason's Inner Circle Facebook Group.

  •    Introduction to the Course

        Important Information & Links


        1. Introduction

        1 - 1 Overview

        1 - 2 Examples

        1 - 3 The 5 Step Plan

        2. Picking Products

        2 - 1 Picking a Product

        2- 2 Promote High-Ticket Programs

        3. Pick Keywords

        3 - 1 Pick Keywords: Choosing a Niche

        3 - 2 Pick Keywords: Tools

        3 - 3 Pick Keywords: Finding Keywords and Making a List

        3 - 4 Pick Keywords: Product Launch Keywords

        4. Writing Content

        4 - 1 Build the Outlines

        4 - 2 Writing Content: How to Determine Content Word Count

        4 - 3 Writing Content: Writing and Sourcing content

        5. Site Building

        5 - 1 Site Building: Adding the Content to the Site

        5 - 2 Site Building: Adding Affiliate Links to Your Page

        5 - 3 Site Building: SEO Settings

        5 - 4 Site Building: Adjusting Element Spacing in the Page Builder

        5 - 5 Site Building: SEO Changes to the Content

        5 - 6 Site Building: Add Page-Navigation

        5 - 7 Site Building: Pages Setup and Publishing

        5 - 8 Site Building: Picking a Domain

        Guide: How to Publish Your Groove Page

        6. Build Links

        6 - 1 Build Links: YouTube Videos

        6 - 2 Build Links: Upload Videos to YouTube

        6 - 3 Build Links: Facebook Page Setup

        6 - 4 Build Links: Facebook Page Add Button

        6 - 5 Build Links: Facebook Page Create a Post

        6 - 6 Build Links: Instagram Account Setup

        6 - 7 Build Links: Instagram Add Profile Pic

        6 - 8 Build Links: Instagram Posting

        6 - 9 Build Links: Instagram Connect to Facebook

        6 - 10 Build Links: Add Power

        7. Next Steps

        7 - 1 Next Steps


        Template Downloads

        Live Training Recordings

        Training #1 with Barry & Jason

        Training #2 with Barry & Jason with SEO experts Dan Anton and Joseph Marfoglio

        BONUS Training with Barry & Jason

        BONUS: Ecom Email Empire Series with Mike Long and
        Jason Caluori

        Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

        Q & A Wrap Up

        BONUS: OMGMachines Webinar with Jason Caluori,
        1st Million Dollar Gold Affiliate

        BONUS: Interview by Jason Caluori with Zach Benson,
        Instagram Growth Expert

  • Who are Jason Caluori & Barry Plaskow?

    Jason Caluori

    Jason Caluori

    The 1st Million Dollar Gold Affiliate

    Jason Caluori is a copywriter, conversion rate optimization expert, and affiliate marketer. His coaching has been featured on, Tai Lopez, and Jared Goetz's eCom Hacks. This Underground Genius generated $1.3 Million in May this year.

    Barry Paskow

    Barry Plaskow

    Entrepreneur and Guerrilla Marketer

    Barry Plaskow is known internationally for his incredible insights into online business and the ever changing world of online sales and marketing. He has built multiple 7 figure businesses online in different niches from scratch, despite zero business background of his own.

    Jason's Inner Circle

    This Facebook Group, Jason's Inner Circle is a real Gem! Filled with a wonderfully enthusiastic community that supports each other admirably, this group is what allows close contact with Jason, I do not know how Jason finds the time to answer each members specific questions, but he does and he does it very well!
    For me, knowing that you have such guidance and support readily at hand is really what sets this training course way above all others, I cannot praise it enough!

    I should point out that membership to the Group is is a paid monthly subscription, but you can leave at any time, not that you will want to though!
    Also you should note that you don't actually need to join the Group to follow the training and be successful, but it is far more beneficial if you do, me personally, my initial  thoughts were "I'm not going to pay for a Facebook Group membership", but after a couple of days I was hooked, no way am I giving this up!
    I don't know if you realize but a Master Mind Class like this, for this is what actually is, would cost you something in the region of $20,000 upwards
    Everyone who has witnessed first hand what is going on in this group is simply blown away, even Mike Long and Mike Filsaime have expressed their admiration for what Jason is doing here. I will give you an example:

    I was very proud of my first attempt at this review so I posted my site link to Jason's Inner Circle to share with the other group members, to my great surprise, a short while later Jason had sent me a personal video, he had loaded up my site from the internet, copied it over to GroovePages (yes, you can do that in GroovePages) and step by step in that video he guided me through exactly what improvements needed to be made to make my page a success...

    Who else do you know in the internet marketing world that would go that extra mile for you?

    Pros & Cons of SAS Affiliate


  • Premium Quality Training at a Comparatively Low Price 

  • Fully Comprehensive Training Material Provided with Nothing Omitted 

  • Course Tuition Provided by the Leading Marketing Expert 

  • Access to Training Mentors Via Live Webinar Calls for Q&A

  • Access to Jason Caluori Via Jason's Inner Circle Master Mind Group 

  • Excellent Support 

  • Cons

  • There is only one that I can think of and that is that access to Jason's Inner Circle is a paid subscription of $97 per month, which you might not be happy about, but looking on the bright side, it is worth far, far more, priceless in fact, but you get the chance to try it out and can gain access for 7 days for only $1
    Please say Hi when you Join!

  • FAQ

    Here's some of the most frequently asked questions about SAS Affiliate

    Q1 : Is sas affiliate easy to do?
    A1 : You have to put the work in but yes, the process is made simple for you

    Q2 : Is there too much competition for me to do sas affiliate?
    A2 : No, there are too many variations for that but competition for promoting GroovePages will be high soon, best if you join ASAP.

    Q3 : Is the sas affiliate method saturated
    A3 : No,absolutely not, there are countless offers and products that you can promote successfully.

    Q4 : Does sas affiliate work for affiliate marketing?
    A4 : It is particularly well suited to affiliate marketing.

    Q5 : Does sas affiliate work for ecommerce?
    A5 : Yes, the same technique is applied for ecommerce.

    Q6 : Does sas affiliate work for local?
    A6 : It works for every kind of online marketing you can think of.

    Q7 : Is sas affiliate legit?
    A7 : Yes, I can assure you that it is legitimate, no scams here.

    Q8 : Does sas affiliate work for beginners?
    A8 : Indeed it does, I am living proof of that.

    Q9 : How do I join sas affiliate?
    A9 : Click on either of the buttons just below the Videos below, you will join automatically after purchase.

    Q10 : Where to buy sas affiliate?
    A10 : Click on either of the buttons just below the Videos below to purchase

    Final Verdict

    You have probably already realized that I am a true believer of this amazing traffic training course, So I will give it my full 5 Star rating!
    I have nothing negative to say about SAS Affiliate...It's a real game changer!,
    Rather than go on with my own personal opinion, how about I share an email with you that I received from the CEO of Groove Digital Mike Filsaime?
    He sent this out as a news letter to all Groove Digital Members, he is of course referring to SAS Affiliate and Jason Caluori

    Mike Filsaime here...
    We think Friday's training will go down as the most important one we have ever shared with you. Why?
    Because it will show you how to transform GroovePages into a traffic magnet for all your pages
    An unknown underground geek friend of mine, Jason used Groove to do 7 figures in sales in under a month...He's the only person I've met that can get pages ranked for great keywords in 30 minutes or less! And I'm delighted he has agreed (finally after a lot of begging) to share his strategy step-by-step with you. All I can say is, you need to drop everything and grab your seat for this one. I've been online for 20 years, but I haven't seen anything like it!

    I don't think that you will find a higher accolade in support of SAS Affiliate than that, so my honest advice to you, is to grab one of the paid versions of Groove, either GroovePages Pro or the GrooveFunnels Lifetime Platinum deal, preferably the Lifetime Platinum Deal as it will literally save you tens of thousand in the long run, just by cancelling all the other monthly paid services that you would no longer need....It really is the Deal of the absolute "No Brainer" as they say!
    I promise you, You will never regret it!
    Of course, the next thing I am going to recommend that you do is to come and join us at SAS Affiliate...but if you are skeptical and take nothing else away from this review, then please go grab your Free Groove Account now, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, whether you believe it or not, right now you are on the fore font of a Digital Revolution, sooner or later you will have to use GroovePages and the whole suite of Apps that Groove Digital provides, just to stay competitive in the online world!

    So going back to that SAS acronym I mentioned earlier, the real motto of the British SAS is "Who Dares Wins"... I "Dared" to invest in myself, how about you?

    If you haven't seen this before, here is the replay of Fridays Groove Digital training webinar where Mike Filsaime reveals SAS Affiliate Star Jason Caluori
    as the Underground Genius that Reveals his Secret "Groove" Formula that Generated $1.3 Million in May

    Here you can see Barry & Jason in action during Q&A, Answering Questions About SAS Affiliate

    Here's Your Chance to Join SAS Affiliate

    Click Here to Grab SAS for One Small Investment

    GroovePages & GrooveFunnels Purchasing Options

    As I have previously advised, you do not need to purchase GroovePages or GrooveFunnels, the Free LITE version will get you started, but of course it is free so there is obviously a limitation, this being that you could only promote 3 offers, whatever they might be, simply because you are only able to create 3 sites.
    If your mind has been racing at the thought of all the possibilities that this training course opens up to you, then you should seriously consider purchasing or upgrading to a paid version now. For then you will be able to create an unlimited number of sites, indefinitely!

    At this moment in time GroovePages and all the other up coming core applications that are encompassed within the Grove Digital suite are in Beta stage, a marketing strategy has been chosen by Groove Digital that enables them to promote their products while they are going through the final stages of development, during this development funding stage they are offering you the opportunity to purchase their products with a one time only purchase deal that lets you own the product for life, no recurring payments ever!
    It is very important to understand that when the beta test stage ends in July then the LifeTime purchasing options will gone, never to be repeated!
    The only option left open to you in the future will be monthly recurring payments, for ever!

    GroovePages LITE

    (No options)  0 Payment Free

    No Recurring Payments - Own It For Life

    GroovePages Pro LifeTime

    (No Options)   1 Payment of $497

    No Recurring Payments - Own It For Life

    GrooveFunnels LifeTime Platinum Deal

    (Option 1)  1 Payment of $1397
    (Option 2)  3 Payments of $497
    (Option 3)  6 Payments of $288
     (Option 4) 12 Payments of $188

    When Easy Payments Are Completed
    No More Recurring Payments - Own It For Life

    Pricing Update!

    I really hope you're not too late!




    I have just discovered that the price for the GrooveFunnels LifeTime Platinum Deal will increase by $500 in the next few days! The New Price will be $1897
    Extended easy payment options will be:

    Option 1 :  4 Payments of $497
    Option 2 :  6 Payments of $288
    Option 3 :  14 Payments of $188

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